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SSLS Bending Protection Film – Anti-Scratch Film – NonMarking Film is very useful to prevent bending scratches caused by the bottom tool corners of the press brakes. This can create huge cosmetic problems for the fabricators.

SSLS Bending Protection Films can be purchased in different lengths depending on your requirement.

Thickness: 0.5 mm / 0.8 mm
Width: 100 mm / 150 mm
Length options: 3m, 5m, 10m, 20m

How to use: Position the SSLS bending protective film on your bottom tool and easily make your bend. No more bend marks from now on.

If you are bending thicker materials, you can also have a look at our 0.8mm thick protective films. We also have 150mm wide range for 0.5mm and 0.8mm thick versions.

Bending Protection Film – Anti-Scratch Film – NonMarking Film
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